Sometimes paper and pencil work better than technology

I’ve started using Google Calendar for my appointments, probably because I now have a way to keep track of it instantly. I have a couple of repeating appointments in the system, along with reminders of when to get ready and leave. On occasion those appointments change, so I have to change the appointment for that one time, usually from my phone.

Apparently that doesn’t change the appointment in Google Calendar. One week my appointment was moved back by an hour, and I told Google Calendar that. I still got the reminder email an hour in advance in my inbox, but it came at the regular time.

I had forgotten all about this, as humans do, so I headed out anyway and found myself an hour early.


Then I spent the next hour creating test appointments and trying to replicate that bug. No luck. So was it just a glitch, or is this a known bug? I don’t know, as I still haven’t replicated it. But I know that if I had used paper and pencil, this would only have happened if I had lost the paper.

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