Make Matt miserable? Yes please.

I’ve mentioned my co-ML Mattkinsi before. He’s very lickable as well as moist and delicious. He writes literary fiction with sad endings. Death, usually suicide, shows up a lot in his stories. So this year he turned his penchant for writing the same kind of story every year into a fundraiser: Make Matt Miserable. I paid attention to my conversations with Matt regarding this fundraiser and took notes while helping out others who wanted to make him miserable, all while saving my own dose of misery for the last minute.

And miserable I’m making him, for I just snatched up the main plot, which is making Matt go “Greeeeat”. The two remaining genres are the ones I’ve been rooting for him to write from the beginning (adventure and mystery). I know (or suspect) almost everything else that has been claimed so far, which influenced my decision on what to take. Luckily everything worked out in my favor.

Now to figure out a plot for Matt. Thank Baty my region’s hosting an online plotting party tomorrow, and guess who’s talking about plot? If you guessed the Matt himself you would be correct. Bwahahaha.

But he could get revenge. As you may know the top donor to my Night of Writing Dangerously fundraising page gets to choose the plot of one of my NaNo novels this year. He has suddenly taken a great interest in that. Uh-oh.

If you want to make my co-ML miserable, you have until Sunday at 5pm Eastern time. Tell him Sushi sent you.

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