My Day One Goal

A few of you may have heard me discuss this, but I’m one of those crazy fools going for the full 50,000 words on November first. Yes, it’s insane. Yes, it’s probably nearly impossible given my commitments on the first, which include a midnight party to celebrate the beginning of NaNo (that you’re invited to if you’re in Atlanta), a tutoring session, and a write-in that I am thankfully not hosting. Once you add in travel for all these things, eating, basic hygiene, and some sleep, reaching 50k on the first is looking to be almost impossible.

Then there’s the part about writing a mashup of two genres I’ve never written before, adventure and historical fiction. And I’ll be writing a significant chunk of this book in a day. Send help.

No excuses, though. Just more running around to finish everything I need to do before some somber hugs on Halloween and drowning myself in words. We 50k day folks have no idea what we’re getting into.

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50K in one day? Are we trying to set a NaNo speed record? That would be over 2K+/hour for a full 24 hours! I know i wouldn’t be able to do it. I only get about 1k/hr. Good luck to you, though!

Oh no, not a speed record. I just got suckered into doing it by a few other overachievers. 😛 And I already have enough commitments in the day that the attempt may fail. I’m going to try anyway!

I’m terrified too. Won’t lie. Maybe it’ll set a precedent for future Nanos if I succeed, or maybe I won’t succeed. Then I can blame my busy day, right? 😉

Whatever happens, we’re definitely not alone. And 150k–go you!

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