Five days

Five days left to NaNoWriMo. Thankfully I’ve made some progress on my to-do list, having made one pot of soup. Some of it will be gone by the time Nano gets here; in fact, I ate a small bowl as an evening snack. But having some made now will let the soup get nice and tasty as well as letting me have a go-to hot meal that isn’t ramen or a frozen dinner during the first few days of NaNo. I still have more things to cook before NaNo starts so I can write instead of cook. There are newbies to pair with mentors, regular commitments to take care of, pep talks to write, meals to cook, kickoff parties to finish planning and attend, ML duties to attend to, forums to read (this can wait, but it would cause me considerable sadness), Wikiwrimo articles to edit and write (see forums), journal entries to write, events to add to the Atlanta regional calendar and map and aaaaah.

And more things keep coming up. I meant to get some of the writing done this afternoon in between giving NaNo stickers to a student hosting write-ins at my alma mater, but I decided to gatecrash the math department instead. This was fun; I met one of my NaNo newbies (weird coincidence, eh?) and talked to two of my professors. I had both of them in the spring, so they had no idea of my noveling craziness. No, that’s a lie. I had one of them for a fall class sophomore year. Forgot about that. But somehow he didn’t see the noveling crazy, maybe because the class was a bigger one. Some things are best left for after graduation, I guess.

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A bean soup! It was one of those 15 bean soup packs you find in stores. Since I’m cooking for just me, it feeds a small army of Sushis. I threw in some tomatoes and onion and other yummy things to make it more substantial than just beans and yummy juice.

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