Three days, 23 hours

NaNo starts in not even four days. My nickname in chat rooms today have been sushimustdothings and sushimustpanicandfreakout. It’s definitely that time of year when we MLs have nicknames like sushimustpanicandfreakout in chat.

But I made a paper to-do list today in order to make the to do list more manageable. Unfortunately I really did feel overwhelmed today and really did need time off everything to make sure my mental state didn’t get worse. The thing that helps best with keeping me in a good state of mind: writing. So write I did. The good news is that I’m much closer to catching up on all my journaling. Since this is a huge thing on my to-do list before November, this is much better news than it sounds. The not so great news is that more things will be happening this weekend, especially with all those kickoff parties.

I also fixed rice for simple meals over the next couple of days (stir fry, anyone? You have to have cold rice for that), though the real cooking will probably happen on Sunday between two kickoff parties. Time to start planning those things out.

Tomorrow I’m really going to need discipline if I’m going to do all the things or even most of the things. It’s time for me to make a real schedule for the day. But that can wait until morning.

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