The march of the newbies

One of the things I’m doing as an ML is making my region’s Adopt a Newbie program more intelligent. In the past newbies and mentors were matched up at random, and I wanted to change that by matching the newbies and mentors a little better. So I made short forms for newbies and mentors to fill out to help me match them. One of my co-MLs said “Good luck” when he heard my plans, and he was probably grateful that he wasn’t doing this himself.

He should be. Now I have almost as many newbies as mentor spots to be filled, and that’s not including the many more newbies I could theoretically take. Matching the newbies and mentors is taking a lot more time than I anticipated, and they’re coming in faster than I can pair them up. Aaaaaaaaah.

And I was hoping to clear the queue by the first kickoff party tomorrow. I’m in the single digits on the newbie front, so this may or may not happen. We’ll see.

But yay, the first kickoff party is tomorrow!

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