To do: try not to die

The problem with my to-do list is that there are lot of things that keep getting added back. Pairing newbies with mentors? Sure, I can be done with that for about ten minutes, but over the last few days newbies have been paired up faster than I can match them, and we’re running short on mentors. I can add events to the calendar and map, but more get added. I can journal, but more things keep happening.

But there are things with definite deadlines, like my pep talk for Adopt a Day on November 2nd and putting prompts into my Twitter client to be sent out for the @nanolanta account and doing laundry. I might not like pants, but it’s cold out now and I think the other MLs at least would notice if I wore the same ones two days in a row. Think I could wear sweats to the kickoffs tomorrow?

Still, two more days until NaNo. Sunday, then Monday, then the madness begins. Let’s do this.

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