Book the second

I had an idea for a second book, but when the time came to sit down and write it, the idea wasn’t grabbing me at all. This meant shelving the idea for now. Maybe I’ll write it later; maybe I won’t. Who knows? But it’s not getting written right now.

This left me with a few more ideas: something cracktastic about unicorns (because unicorns are awesome), the semisecret idea that’s definitely getting written next year, and what two other Wrimos in my region are doing: adapting Jonathan Coulton songs as novels. Of course I probably wouldn’t be able to do anything with the book afterward, but that’s not why I’m writing it. And yes, this means that technically I am writing fanfiction. For a song. Which is probably really nerdy, especially when you consider that the musician sings about nerdy things.

Anyway, the song is “Dissolve from JoCo’s newest album (which you give a listen, by the way). Now I have to figure out exactly what happens to make everything awful–in other words, a plot.

Fun side note: This story, like the one I wrote on the first, is told in the first person with a male protagonist. Both of these are rare for me, but the decision was such a snap judgment that I rolled with it.

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