I’ve made a list of everything I’d like to do in a day…

I’m going to need about 24 working hours a day for the next few weeks or a way to cut sleep. How hard can it be to learn Python, Javascript, HTML, and CSS; write some blog posts; edit a book; edit a play; and look for more gigs? (Which reminds me, yes, I’m open for full-time, part-time, or contract gigs in writing, editing, tutoring, or community management. I’d link to a Work With Me page, but writing that is also on the very long to-do list.)

However, I did get through just over half of Learn Python The Hard Way and the first couple of Codecademy’s Code Year this weekend. The familiarity of some of the material helped a lot. I also started solving Project Euler problems and am up to three so far (1, 5, and 9 for those into this sort of thing). Only one of them involved code on my part (#1), and I could have done it in less time by hand. That’s what happens when you know more math than code.

Anyone have a few spare hours they’d like to lend me? Anyone? Bueller?

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