As mentioned in the last post, I’ve been teaching myself to write code lately: Javascript at Codecademy and Learn Python the Hard Way for Python. This task hasn’t been all that hard until now; I breezed through most of Learn Python the Hard Way over the course of a few weeks, barely looking at it during the week, finally getting past the part that tripped me up last time I tried to learn a couple of years ago. That’s definitely progress for me.

But now I’m at what’s looking like another hard part for me in Python (and for lots of folks if my Twitter feed is to be believed) : object-oriented programming.

Da da dunnn.

Oh, OOP. I still don’t quite get you. Okay, your terms make sense. But putting everything together? Pfffft. We’ll see how I feel about you in a few weeks.

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Think of…
CLASS as a blueprint or  design specification TEMPLATE. (e.g. house blueprint template). Or, think “character sheet FORM..”
PROPERTIES as characteristics/descriptors  (e.g. the template for all house blueprints may have values that specify the the dimensions of the walls). Or think, “character description fields”.
FUNCTIONS as a detailed description of the processes or actions the object (i.e. the house) is capable of having or doing (e.g. house’s doors can open, close, lock and unlock.)
INSTANCE as an actual product or object that has been built based on the blueprint, its characteristics and processes. (e.g. an actual house).
Does that help?

 @justscribbling Ahh, this helps! I get the basic terms well enough, but when it comes to putting them together… pffffft. And of course my best idea is to do OOP in another language to get it. Ha!
(Also, I suck at comment replies. Oops!)

Love the list! Something to think about as I prepare for my first ever NaNo. One of my favorite food prep is to find a bunch of meals that you can prepare – and freeze – for the crock pot. I spend four or five hours in the kitchen chopping, dividing and conquering and come away with about 15 or 20 meals in ziplock freezer bags to toss in the freezer. Then into the crock pot they go as needed! Good luck!

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