Change NaNoWriMo’s future with a vote

If you follow NaNoWriMo on Facebook or Twitter (or if you read the NaNo Breaking News recently), you might have heard about how The Office of Letters and Light, NaNo’s parent nonprofit organization, is in the running for a share of $5,000,000 from Chase Community Giving. The top vote-getter gets $250,000, which is a significant chunk of OLL’s entire yearly budget. It would do wonders for NaNo, Camp NaNo, and the Young Writers Program, not to mention their financial security and future.

Right now OLL is in 19th place, which would net them $50,000. They need YOUR help to soar higher in the rankings and get more money, especially since past recipients of a Chase Community Giving grant aren’t eligible for future ones.

NaNo and OLL’s other events have changed so many lives, including mine. A grant of this size would give OLL the funds to change even more.

You can vote for OLL in two ways:

1) Log onto Facebook and vote for OLL. You have to allow the app, but you can tell the app to show anything it publishes to just you if that’s a concern. The higher OLL moves up in the leaderboard, the more money they get, starting at $10,000 for #196 (which they’ve already passed) and topping out at $250,000 for the top vote-getter. They need votes to get that money, and every vote counts here.

You get two votes to use at Facebook, but you can’t use both of them on the same charity. However, you can earn a bonus vote to use on OLL, but we’ll get to that in a minute.

2) If you’re a Chase customer, you can vote for OLL at You get two votes to use on two different charities. Guess what? If you’re a Facebook user and a Chase customer, you can vote twice: once on Facebook and once on

If you voted through Facebook and used both of your votes, you can earn a bonus vote! Share the contest on Facebook or Twitter or email with your referral link (and you will, won’t you?), and if someone comes to the app through your link and votes, you get an extra vote. This extra vote is a bonus vote that you can use on any charity you like, including OLL. Congratulations, you just voted for OLL twice with very little effort.

Tell your friends. Tell your casual acquaintances. Tell your enemies! Actually, reconsider that last part; they may vote for someone above us on the leaderboard…

If you don’t use Facebook, you can still share the link above and tell your friends via email or Twitter or Google+ or any other site. Please do!

Voting ends on the 19th, so if NaNo has changed your life in any way, even a little, get out there and vote!

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