Dear Linux, this is why we can’t have nice things.

As seen in #archlinux IRC with what looked like unrelated conversation snipped out. This all went down while I was away.

who gives a fuck
sudokode: … people do
people suck
sudokode: s/people/women

Incidents like this make me more grateful than ever that my FOSS project of choice isn’t full of dicks. And if you ARE looking for a FOSS project where the top rules are make cool things and don’t be a jerk*, OpenPhoto is right this way. Bonus points if you believe in freeing your photos from sites they’re We’re working to make things more welcoming and friendly to people who aren’t already experienced FOSS contributors. Documentation! Design! Surprise us! Ask me things about getting started! (Unless they involve the actual code because PHP and I are NOT friends.)

*No, really. Someone asked me awhile back if there were any standards for contributing, and I said, “Uh… make cool things and don’t be a jerk?” Words to live by. I would have said don’t be a dick, but sometimes you have to keep it professional.

Edit: Just noticed both of these users are also in #archlinux-women, and at least one is a Trusted User. Wow.

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