What have I done since graduating from college?

I got a mailing yesterday reminding me that this academic year is my college five-year reunion. Even though the reunion itself isn’t until April, the reunion planning has begun. Among the things my class is doing to tell everyone what we’re up to on our Facebook group so we can get straight to the drinking.

“Stone cold sober”, Princeton Review? I call shenanigans.

I requested the questions and started answering them, which made me start thinking… what HAVE I done since graduating?

Despite feeling generally unaccomplished, I made a list.

* Finished NaNoWriMo four times.
* Finished Script Frenzy three times.
* Finished 50k day. Twice.
* Worked lots of different jobs, sometimes just to keep afloat.
* Taught middle school and managed not to kill anyone.
* Moved to Atlanta, moved back to the boonies, and moved back to Atlanta. This time seems to have stuck.
* Wrote… twelve novel first drafts? I think? And three scripts.
* Been broke as crap and back again.
* Visited San Francisco.
* Met the NaNoWriMo staff (and they knew who I was!)
* Built a social circle that exists outside of November.
* Started to learn programming. My Project Euler count is around ten.
* Founded Wikiwrimo.
* Braved the sausagefest that is open source software and joined in.

Probably other things as well, but those are the ones that stand out. I can’t help but notice that about half of these are NaNo-related, and let’s face it, any interest most of my fellow alums hold in NaNo is probably out of politeness.

Time to do something truly awesome between now and April.

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Sujin, I had to laugh a little when I read this! You are crazy awesome at NaNo and it’s a SKILL to “stay afloat” – I wonder how many of us say the same? (I had 3 layoffs in 4 years!) Anyway, I’m excited to see you when I’m back in ATL and I hope just the tiniest bit of your NaNo magic rubs off on me this November…

I’m sure a lot of us have! I’ve mostly taken on temporary or short-term or contract gigs since graduating and going through the seemingly eternal job search.

I’m sending lots of good NaNo vibes your way though. Happy noveling, and see you when you’re back in Atlanta!

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