Hello, 2014

Hello, world. It’s been awhile, hasn’t it? Like last time, I don’t really have an excuse. NaNo and work things took over my time in November, and then the post-NaNo blues arrived in December. Those blues decided to come back with a vengeance later in the month, and I’m just now finding my way out. (Nothing awful, just pretty persistent crappy moods for no good reason for awhile.)

At some point I started getting headaches from looking at computer screens for too long, and guess what my regular job and most of my hobbies involve? If you guessed looking at screens, you’d be right. This also means I haven’t done all that much writing or Wikiwrimo.

Here, have some bullet points:

* Didn’t scare the boyperson off. Almost a year now, wow. I’m pretty sure this is the longest relationship I’ve ever been in.
* Finished 50k day again for what is probably the last time.
* Attended Night of Writing Dangerously for the second time
* Won a word war at NOWD and got to wear the flowerpot hat!
* Watched all of Futurama and Sherlock and started Doctor Who
* Boughts lots of tea and started a tea hiatus (more on this in a future post that I’ll write, I swear)
* Met many Wrimos and got to re-meet a few more
* Met the people I work with! Neat!
* Got to see one of Mozilla’s offices. Google, you’re next. Maybe.
* Witnessed part of the whole Batkid thing while I was in San Francisco.

The number of post ideas in my mind and in my drafts is in the double digits, meaning I really just need to sit down and write them. But see above about being unable to stare at screens for long periods. I’m typing this straight into WordPress, and Blank Your Monitor, while wonderful, turns all the backgrounds black, leaving little contrast between the background and text in text fields. It gets old really quickly, let me tell you.

There are probably some other things too, but I’m getting sleepy and would like to read before bed and waking up early tomorrow.

How’s you been? What should I write about next?

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