Welcome to Night Vale in Atlanta

Some of you may know that I enjoy listening to the Welcome to Night Vale podcast: a fictional community radio program for a tiny town that always has something strange going on. It’s funny, it’s strange, and some lines are eerily realistic.

When the Night Vale producers announced their March tour of the South and Midwest, I immediately checked to see if they’d be stopping by Atlanta. They had to be; Atlanta is a major and centrally located city in the South.

Luckily they were. I grabbed two tickets. It’s a good thing I did; they sold out quickly.

The show itself was wonderful. I’m not going to provide major spoilers on the plot since the show will be available later. But some highlights:

* Cecil’s voice sounds just as wonderful across a theatre as it does on the podcast. I need to get him to narrate all my actions.

* There are horoscopes, and they are wonderful. A choice bit: “Stop picking on Monday.” Also, a mention of Steve Carlsberg. Jerk.

* Carlos is in this one. It was ridiculously adorable.

* There was some audience participation. There was screaming.

* I enjoyed the musical guests for the weather. They played a few songs before the show as well. Very folky.

* I have never seen so much purple. Purple shirts, a few folks with purple hair, one person in front of me with purple tentacles attached to their shirt. So much purple. I have exactly one purple shirt and didn’t think to wear it. Oh well.

The show was great. I’m surprised I didn’t recognize more people given the nerdy crowd. Someone recognized my NaNo shirt. I did see one person from college; this person also happened to be one of the folks involved in the audience participation. Neat.

I also got to meet Cara McGee. If that name sounds familiar, you’re probably in fandom circles on Tumblr or like her tea blends at Adagio. I have two of them myself and want more. (If you do wind up ordering something, let me know before you do and I can get you a $5 certificate if you’ve never gotten anything from there before.)

We talked for a couple of minutes while walking down the stairs to the merch and exit area before we parted ways–her to find the friends she came with, me to find boyperson so we could go back to my place.

And that was the Night Vale show. I laughed, cheered, whooped, and awwwwed my way through. Truly a great way to spend a Friday evening.

Now to listen to all those episodes that I’ve slacked on since Nano.

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