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Let’s say, hypothetically speaking, that I have a little more spare time in the near future. This would mean more time to work on things that I’ve been putting off doing (changing the dead light bulbs in my kitchen), or things I already do but would like to do more (write), or things I need to do but don’t do. What should I do with that time?

I made a list of those things. In no particular order, they are:

Write. I have multiple unfinished novels, as well as multiple first drafts I want to rewrite. There’s also my Camp NaNoWriMo novel, which is sitting at under 2000 words. This is half-intentional; I know I’ll have a little more time to write, so it almost makes more sense to set a couple of hours aside to write more. And the deadline will motivate me even more.

Blog. This is going under a separate category because I do have specific goals for blogging. I’ve done well with writing something at least once a week, but more time brings more time to blog. Given all the other things on my list and my long list of things to write about (including some indepth post ideas) you can look forward to/dread more posts here.

Read. I have a stack of books waiting to be read, as well as ebooks, a library card, and a 50-book reading goal for 2014. I’m well on track for that goal, but I need to be at 45 books before October because let’s be honest, I’m not going to be doing much reading during NaNo season.

Game. I started playing Pokemon Black in December and am still not finished. I have six gym badges, so surely I can finish the game during this time.

Wikiwrimo. I haven’t updated Wikiwrimo much in awhile, and there are so many things I want to do in updating the site.

Passwords. The Heartbleed bug was announced to the public this week. This affects everyone in some way since most of the web uses OpenSSL. I recommend checking to see if a site has patched its OpenSSL software and then changing your password. Ideally you would change your password everywhere because chances are good you use the same password in multiple places. But don’t change a password if the site hasn’t been patched yet! You can check here or here. The site’s blog may also mention patching the bug.

This means I’m finally installing a password manager to take care of all this. I’m guilty of using one password in multiple places, and it’s a bad habit that needs to stop. Look for a post about this in the near future once I’ve set everything up.

Update computers. There are various tiny things on my computers that are in need of updating and small things that are broken that I just haven’t gotten around to fixing because I could live without them.

This site. This is separate from the Blog area because I’m not talking about the writing. This section is for a redesign and overhaul so I can use the post formats. This also involves me figuring out how I would like to use those post formats, as well as seeing if there’s a way to add all the related features that I want.

Tweet. Okay, this isn’t really a thing, but I noticed last month that I’m very close to 50,000 total tweets–close enough that reaching that goal in April is doable with a chatty month. So the race is on. 50k tweets or 50k Camp NaNoWriMo words. Which will come first?

Code. I fell off the Python train. Time to get back on.

There we go. Anything you want to see from me–more Wikiwrimo, more noveling, more blogging? Let me know.

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It would be cool if you would do occasional posts about teas you’re drinking. I am more of an Earl Grey type tea drinker, but if you suggest a really delicious tea, I might branch out and try something new.

Ooh, tea posts! That would be a lot of fun to write (and okay, drink), and I already do something similar with books. And you’re probably not the only one who would be interested in reading such a thing.

Also, I probably haven’t mentioned the tea-buying hiatus on here yet. Hmmmmm.

Thanks for the idea!

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