Alumnae Weekend, Camp NaNoWriMo, and Life Update

It’s May, and that means lots of things are happening.

Camp NaNoWriMo was a bust, with my total word count on the new Wrimonia novel a lovely 2004 words. Come on, I couldn’t write ten more for 2014 or cut two words for the palindrome 2002? Still, despite the extra time I had later in the month, I spent that time on other projects, like other writing and code and reading.

Alumnae Weekend (the real one, not just the math bowl) went okay. I’m indifferent toward the idea of school reunions to start with. While I’d never go to my high school reunion for multiple reasons, I do like many of the people I went to college with. Problem is, the nature of such a reunion means most of the people you talk to are the people you were friends with while there. As someone who floated around social circles for most of her life, this was awkward. Add in the fact that some of these folks are people I wish I had gotten to know better and now we’re adults and that ship has sailed. Still, between vegan brunch and Waffle House at 2am and a secret party and a stolen songbook, I had a good enough time.

My Knee. Oh, the knee. See, my alma mater’s campus has a few very climbable trees. I passed these trees on the way back from my class party to the big college shindig celebrating the 125th anniversary of the college. And what did I do in my nice dress? Climb one of the trees, of course. Because why wouldn’t I?

This didn’t work out too well. I tried walking on the branch and fell out. Luckily (?) I landed on my feet, but then I decided it would be a good idea to try again. And again! I repeated this cycle a few times, landing on my feet every time until giving up and going to the fancy shindig. I thought nothing of this while getting dragged on the dance floor and going to Waffle House afterward. But the next morning my knee hurt. I hobbled to the kitchen for breakfast, pain in every step. I dreaded standing and hoped this injury would go away because knee injuries, in general, aren’t a good thing.

Thankfully it did. I stayed off my feet most of the week and by Thursday I resumed a mostly normal gait. I took the stairs! And took out the trash! I could probably take a long walk now, but for safety’s sake I’m giving it another day or two before doing so. Because you never know.

I’m also close to beating Pokemon Black. Well, not including all the postgame stuff. And wow. Pokemon Black/White is phenomenal. Seriously, if you like Pokemon (or even if you just liked it a kid), go play it if you haven’t already. I need to do a little more grinding before the very last fight, but that’s no big deal.

And the next post or two will probably be another book review post now that I’ve accumulated a good number, along with a tea post. Get excited.

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