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Read your post about Nanowrimo… and have questions! What is..

a word war?
What is “WRite or die”?
This is my second year attempting Nanowrimo, and by golly, I’m gonna make it this time! Any advice for the meek, the timid, the plottingly challenged???
thanks! and btw, I wanna be JUST like you when I grow up!

@pelloquacity Hi! A word war is where you (in a group or alone, online or in person) set a timer and write as much as you can in that period. That time can be short or long. Here’s the Wikiwrimo article on the word war:

Write or Die is related to the word war. You put in a goal, a time, and a punishment from the gentle to the evil, and you have to write, lest you get punished. These can range from a popup screen saying “What are you doing? Keep writing!” to your words getting backspaced one at a time. Oh, and the screen turns red as a warning. The red screen is enough for me to get back to work. Here’s Write or Die: There’s also a desktop edition for ten bucks that has a ton more features, but the online version is still nifty and free to use.

Advice? Just do it! Every first draft is terrible by definition. That’s why it’s a first draft. Your novel won’t be perfect, so just have fun with it. I’m also plottingly challenged and barely have a plot at all. Poke around the adoption society forum and the dares thread for some inspiration. There will definitely be something there that strikes your fancy, even if it’ll get used at 20,000 words. And if you get tired of writing a scene, stop writing it! Skip ahead to that scene you really want to write. No one says you have to write in order. Good luck! And if you want to be like me, well… I have no intention of growing up. 😉

Hello, I was doing some research and ended up on one of your articles about poverty.

I just finished putting together a visual compilation of data I found that goes over the challenges that people below the poverty line often face. It was pretty surprising to me that being frugal is actually harder when you’re poor.

Given your past work on the topic, I thought this might be of interest – please let me know if you want to check it out. In any case, keep up the great work!


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