The Baby-Sitters Club: Season Two Speculation

As I’ve mentioned a time or five in the past two months, I’m a huge fan of the Netflix Baby-Sitters Club adaptation. It takes the wholesome books I grew up on and refreshed them for modern girls while keeping the heart of the story. But while it took over two decades to devour the original BSC canon, I devoured the show’s first season in just over two hours.

I’ve already talked about the many things I love about the show — and probably missed a few things — but while writing that post I kept thinking: where do we go from here?

There are two directions to go when it comes to future speculation: topics to take on and books/characters to take on.


Say Hello to Your Friends: The New Baby-Sitters Club TV Show is Even Better than the Books

It’s no secret that I’m a big Baby-Sitters Club fan. I’ve read every book in the BSC canon, including the spinoffs. My very first chapter book was a BSC book — Dawn and the Older Boy. (I guess rural second grade teachers weren’t screening books for content.) I annoyed everyone during my spelling bee days by spelling words Karen Brewer-style.

So despite not watching much TV, I devoured all ten episodes of the Netflix original series when it dropped yesterday — four episodes while eating a Twix ice cream bar, then a break to meal prep and eat dinner, then the last six episodes before going to bed.

Y’all. I was a sobbing wreck through large parts of the show. The adaptation is SO GOOD and part of me wishes I were 13 now and experiencing the best friends you’ll ever have for the first time. Let’s talk about the show. Here’s the trailer for your enjoyment. MAJOR SPOILERS ABOUND BELOW THE TRAILER.