xkcd’s influence

xkcd is one of my favorite webcomics. That’s pronounced x-k-c-d for the three people on the planet who still don’t read it. The community of readers is wonderfully geeky, and the comic has made me want to do such wondrous things from put a ball pit in my own house to geohashing, neither of which I’ve actually done yet. I’ve read xkcd for years, so when mental_floss put up an article about xkcd’s influence, I expected to see a bunch of things I already knew. There were a lot of things I already knew, like the ball pit and playing chess on roller coasters. There were also several things I had forgotten about or that I didn’t know about at all, like ninjas attacking Richard Stallman and the Tetris game from hell. I just played that game, and it really is a hellish game. Let’s not forget the butterfly easter egg for emacs. Vim doesn’t have that. Let the holy war begin.