What do you need to survive?

At the dance performance I attended this afternoon, an interesting question was posed. What do you need to survive? The audience members were asked to make a list of ten items (material or not) they needed to survive. Then came the catch. Five items had to go. Then they had to narrow the list down to three items. Then, finally, one item remained.

I didn’t make the list right then, in part because it would take me too long to think of what I would need to survive. How do we define survival, anyway? Some of the audience members shared their items when they narrowed it down to three. A few said food, air, and water, which was a perfectly practical choice but screwed them over when they had to choose just one item.

So what would you choose? Better yet, let’s start with twenty like the dancers had to do, then go to ten, then five, then three, then one. I’ll do the same thing and post back tomorrow.