Social shenanigans with high school friends

A few weeks ago I mentioned getting together with a couple of high school friends. I had a lot of fun and like to think they did too.

But there were still some things about this get-together that struck me. This is absolutely not an attack toward those people, just something I’ve been thinking about lately.

See, these two friends went to the same college–the same school a decent number of classmates went to. They even roomed together for awhile and interacted with a lot of folks from high school.

Where things get weirder is one of those friends is dating a high school classmates, one from a different high school social circle. What this means is that they have stories from the last nine years involving people we all know. Sure, there are folks I don’t know, but there are quite a few I do as well, and hearing all that talk about how they’ve changed is simultaneously neat and creepy.

Meanwhile all my stories involve people they don’t know because I actively took the path of making sure I knew no one from school when looking at colleges. So they involve a lot of “a few folks and I…” or “that one time I…” as opposed to some of the “we” and explaining who the other people involved were. That doesn’t leave me innocent. Quite the opposite, really; I’ve mentioned things another person in the group and I did when talking in a group.

This isn’t a bad thing, necessarily. Just something I observed (and will probably notice more of) when hanging out with these people.