Does Christianity really need another Bible?

Conservative wiki Conservapedia has taken on a new project: translate the Bible to rid it of liberal bias. Even though there are already hundreds of translations of the Bible available for general consumption, few are in the public domain, and Conservapedia plans to use the King James Version, a public domain translation with its own biases. In fact, the wiki lists advantages to having a conservative Bible available online, among them:

this would debunk the pervasive and hurtful myth that Jesus would be a political liberal today

While this topic is debatable (though I think Jesus would be a political liberal), Conservapedia is taking the wrong approach. Creating a conservative Bible to support their hypothesis of Jesus’ non-liberal leaning is simply bad logic–one of the worst kinds of all, in fact. You can’t assume that something is true and then make up your own evidence to show that the hypothesis is true. This may not be science, but the logic still stands.

Question of the day: Does Christianity really need another translation, especially one that exists to be more of a political platform than a religious one? The religion doesn’t need this one. This is what stereotypes are made of, both of religion and politics.

I can’t help but notice that no one has started translating Revelation yet, though. That one should be fun.