NaNoWriMo 2009 is over

NaNoWriMo as a whole had a record-breaking year. We’re talking 19% winners, almost 8% donors, and two billion words written. The final word counts are still coming in from people who had trouble validating, but my region (Atlanta) is sitting at number twelve in the world in words written.

I had my own record-breaking year, though nowhere near NaNoWriMo’s record-breaking year. Let the numbers speak for themselves.

Novels written: 2
Total words written: 131,014
Novel one: 73,006 words, 14 days (1 through 14)
Novel two: 58,008 words (15 through 28)
Days with zero words: 2 (days 29 and 30)
Highest daily word count: 20,012 (day one)
Lowest daily word count: 2010 (day 18), 0 (days 29 and 30)
Days to 25,000 words: 2
Days to 50,000 words: 8
Days to 75,000 words: 15
Days to 100,000 words: 22
Days to 125,000 words: 27
Average number of words written (over 30 days) : 4367.13
Number of days I exceeded this average: 12
Average number of words written (over 28 days) : 4679.07
Number of days I exceeded this average: 10
Write-ins attended: 7
Published authors shamed by my word count: 2

And the best thing of all? Both of those books are actually completed. Look for the second one to be posted beginning later this month. Read a teaser at my NaNoWriMo user profile.