Adventures in Wrimonia

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Mia Wonnor dreams of being a writer but hasn’t written since earning a degree in English. Crappy first drafts are out of the question for her. One day late in October she discovers Wrimonia, a land where plot bunnies run wild, sporks are in great supply, urinal cakes are more mysterious than ever, and characters and muses are no longer figments of anyone’s imagination. While everyone in Wrimonia enjoys writing, they concentrate on quantity instead of quality, much to Mia’s dismay, in an event called National Novel Writing Month. In an attempt to finally finish a story, Mia joins them in this crazy endeavor and discovers that maybe some things weren’t meant to be perfect or normal after all.

If you missed a chapter or want to read everything from the beginning, each chapter is listed below in order, along with the date they were posted.

Part One: Mia Discovers NaNoWriMo (7 December 2009)

Part Two: The Man in the Pink Suit (9 December 2009, Part One Continued)

Part Three: But the Boards Aren’t Dead (11 December 2009, Part Two Continued)

Part Four: Of Dares and Adoptables (14 December 2009)

Part Five: Trebuchets and Urinal Cakes (16 December 2009)

Part Six: Sporks and Muses (18 December 2009)

Part Seven: The Character Garden (21 December 2009, Part Six continued)

Part Eight: The Traveling Shovel of Death (23 December 2009)

Part Nine: The Day Before (25 December 2009)

Part Ten: The Strike of Midnight (28 December 2009)

Part Eleven: The Crash (30 December 2009)

Part Twelve: Day One Plot Holes (1 January 2010)

Part Thirteen: An Occupation for Amy (4 January 2010)

Part Fourteen: 50K already? (6 January 2010)

Part Fifteen: Writer’s Block and Fanfiction (8 January 2010)

Part Sixteen: Week Two Begins (11 January 2010)

Part Seventeen: Mia Fights a Word War (13 January 2010, Part Sixteen Continued)

Part Eighteen: The Two Ians (15 January 2010)

Part Nineteen: The Pit of Procrastination (18 January 2010)

Part Twenty: Reviving the Plot (20 January 2010)

Part Twenty-One: Give Up (Your Soul) (22 January 2010)

Part Twenty-Two: Cole and the Glass Pawn (25 January 2010)

Part Twenty-Three: The Halfway Day (27 January 2010)

Part Twenty-Four: The Protest (29 January 2010)

Part Twenty-Five: The Inner Editor (1 February 2010)

Part Twenty-Six: Purple Trebuchets and Coffee Houses (3 February 2010)

Part Twenty-Seven: The Plot Bunny Day Care Center (5 February 2010)

Part Twenty-Eight: Vendors and Explosions (8 February 2010)

Part Twenty-Nine: An Unexpected Visitor (10 February 2010)

Part Thirty: The Halo (12 February 2010)

Part Thirty-One: Paying It Forward (15 February 2010)

Part Thirty-Two: Amy’s Unfounded Revenge (17 February 2010)

Part Thirty-Three: Double Team (19 February 2010)

Part Thirty-Four: The Realization (22 February 2010, Part Thirty-Three Continued)

Part Thirty-Five: Revelation (24 February 2010)

Part Thirty-Six: The Enemies Revisited (26 February 2010)

Part Thirty-Seven: That’s Postmodern (1 March 2010)

Part Thirty-Eight: Epilogue (3 March 2010)

Additional notes: This novel is mostly unedited. The only significant editing I did was for spell check and fixing of gaping plot holes, but what you see is more or less a first draft.

Every now and then I break off in the middle of a scene. I try to note this in the beginning when this is the case, but I do this mostly to keep the word counts consistent, even when my scenes are not. Most of them are between a thousand and two thousand words, with a few a bit shorter or a bit longer.

Feel free to link this on your blog, Twitter, whatever. Just don’t pass this off as your own, and we’re cool.

I highly encourage you to donate to the Office of Letters and Light, the nonprofit organization that runs NaNoWriMo, if you enjoy this tale of noveling madness. If you donate in the new year, your donor goodies will appear in the month before the event you donate to (NaNoWriMo or Script Frenzy).

If for some strange reason you’re really into giving money to Internet strangers who write somewhat humorous things, I won’t complain. You can do that at the link below.

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Just wanted to say I’m looking forward to this, too. ^_^ Plus I’m adding this to my reader now, so, um, whee!

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