Legends of Wrimonia

Written during NaNoWriMo 2012

It’s 2012, and Mia Wonnor’s fourth National Novel Writing Month quickly approaches. She’s well-versed in the world of NaNoWriMo now, but every year she still learns new things and makes new friends. But this year something feels a little different… Is it Chris Baty’s absence from Wrimonia? The fact that Wrimonia is more crowded and bustling than ever? Or is Mia being characterized…

Yes, it’s here: the long-awaited (according to a few folks) Adventures in Wrimonia sequel. Updates will go up on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays. As usual, this is a first draft written in November, so there may be typos and plot holes all around.

If you haven’t read Adventures in Wrimonia, the book to which this is a sequel, that would be a good place to start.

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Part One: A Return to Wrimonia, posted 22 March 2013

Part Two: Something Is Different, posted 25 March 2013

Part Three: The Knights of NaNoWriMo, posted 27 March 2013

Part Four: NaNo Prep Day, posted 29 March 2013

Part Five: No Plot, No Problem?, posted 1 April 2013

Part Six: The Church of NaNoWriMo, posted 3 April 2013

Part Seven: The Inspiration Garden, posted 5 April 2013

Part Eight: The Little Blue Birds, posted 8 April 2013

Part Nine: The Pit of Procrastination, posted 10 April 2013

Part Ten: November’s Arrival, posted 12 April 2013

Part Eleven: Mia Starts Her Novel, posted 15 April 2013

Part Twelve: Mia Meets Her Maker, posted 17 April 2013

Part Thirteen: A Mia-Sushimustwrite Conversation, posted 19 April 2013

Part Fourteen: The Word War Bots, posted 22 April 2013

Part Fifteen: Foreshadows, posted 24 April 2013

Part Sixteen: The Regional Lounges, posted 26 April 2013

Part Seventeen: The Week Two Pep Talk Incident, posted 29 April 2013

Part Eighteen: Don’t Shoot Bill Murray, posted 1 May 2013

Part Nineteen: The Traveling Shovel of Death’s Origins, posted 3 May 2013

Part Twenty: Mia’s Identity Crisis, posted 6 May 2013

Part Twenty-One: The Fog, posted 8 May 2013

Part Twenty-Two: The Wrimonia Lost and Found, posted 10 May 2013

Part Twenty-Three: Noveling Nirvana, posted 13 May 2013

Part Twenty-Four: The Archive Hut, posted 15 May 2013

Part Twenty-Five: The Character Cemetery, posted 17 May 2013

Part Twenty-Six: Mia Meets Chris Baty, posted 20 May 2013

Part Twenty-Seven: So Close Yet So Far, posted 22 May 2013

Part Twenty-Eight: Victory, posted 24 May 2013

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